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ICT Consulting

Factors such as costs, availability, quality, security, supply chain and the associated business processes can be optimized by ICT (Information and Communication Technology) consultation. We support our clients in analyzing their current ICT situation, and provide them with our expertise in technology, services, Internet and telecommunications as consulting services available - competent and practice-tested!

Software development

We develop for our customers entire projects or their parts, on various systems and platforms, as well as in various programming languages, according to their individual needs. We also offer the technical and organizational support for deadlocked, or projects that are already in a vulnerable stage, in order to save such software projects. Our software development activity covers various areas such as business systems, web solutions, telecommunications, mobile, and embedded systems.

Project menagment

The requirements of complex ICT projects require good project management. Our project management serves as an interface between the user and the development and implementation team, until, for the user, satisfactory completion of the project. User-oriented requirement analyzes provide already to the start of the project the core requirements for later implementation. Customer expectations are realized by our project management and the realization team, respecting the critical elements of a project such as requirements, resources, schedules, planning and risks.

Support for IT Systems, Servers and Software

In the IT and telecommunications infrastructure can always be changes or problems, or systems must be maintained and adapted to new security threats. We always offer support services in the form of your choice. Regardless of whether the systems or solutions come from us or not, we help you to keep the systems working and up to date. So you can achieve optimal performance with your technology systems that allow you a smooth flow and profitability of your business.

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